Entangle + Sway
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Entangle + Sway
...the bay area's pole dance fitness studio for women...

Entangle & Sway is a fitness studio specializing in the art of pole & aerial dancing.


Freedom of movement... 


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What's Happening Now...


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intro to pole workshops & series:

Prelude to Pole Options:

San Francisco

  • Monday; 3-Dec @ 6:45pm

  • Wednesday; 12-Dec @ 8:30pm

  • Thursday; 3-Jan @ 8:15pm

  • Sunday; 13-Jan @ 1:15pm

  • Friday; 25-Jan @ 6pm


  • Friday; 30-Nov @ 7pm

  • Monday; 10-Dec @ 6:15pm

  • Saturday; 15-Dec @ 11:30am

  • Sunday; 30-Dec @ 1:30pm

  • Friday; 4-Jan @ 7:30pm

Passage to Pole Options:

San Francisco

  • Saturdays; 8-Dec to 12-Jan @ 12:45pm *no class 12/22

  • Tuesdays; 4-Dec to 8-Jan @ 5pm *no class 12/25

  • Mondays; 7-Jan to 4-Feb @ 6:30pm

  • Saturdays; 12-Jan to 9-Feb @ 10am

  • Thursdays; 17-Jan to 14-Feb @ 8:15pm

  • Wednesdays; 23-Jan to 20-Feb @ 8:15pm

  • Fridays; 1-Feb to 1-Mar @ 5:45pm


  • Tuesdays; 11-Dec to 15-Jan @ 10am *no class 12/25

  • Thursdays; 13-Dec to 17-Jan @ 8pm *no class 12/27

  • Saturdays; 15-Dec to 19-Jan @ 9:15am *no class 12/22

  • Mondays; 7-Jan to 4-Feb @ 6pm

 ** pole parties for every occasion **

Booty! | Lapdance | Splits-N-Sh*t | Magic Mike (Girls Do IT Better) |and more…

Upcoming Specialty Workshops & Mini Series

Invert Fusion | Freestyle Flow | Rockin’ Pole | Intro To Contortion | Russian Flow

2018 Student Appreciation

Students - Check out the workshops here!


  • to be inspirational and motivational to each student so that she may discover her unique beauty through the art of pole dancing.

  • allow each woman to grow and get fit in a non-competitive, supportive environment.
  • create a safe, encouraging space for all women to gain confidence and feel stunning, regardless of shape and size.
  • help each woman to be truly amazing in their dance and allow them to be comfortable in their own skin & mind.

Strong & Sexy...



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"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

— Unknown

Create Magic

step one...


Free your mind.  Be powerful, be mysterious.  Be risqué, be feminine!

life is short...

dance your heart out!