Entangle + Sway
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Entangle + Sway
...the bay area's pole dance fitness studio for women...

Entangle & Sway is a fitness studio specializing in the art of pole & aerial dancing.


Freedom of movement... 


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What's Happening Now…

* Just Announced *

a wonderful weekend getaway filled with great conversation, beautiful scenery, pole, relaxation time, photoshoots, food, wine, and more.

check out the brochure and get all the amazing info



intro to pole workshops & series:

Prelude to Pole Options:

San Francisco

  • Wednesday; 30-Jan @ 6:45pm

  • Friday; 15-Feb @ 7:45pm

  • Saturday; 23-Feb @ 1:45pm


  • Saturday; 19-Jan @ 11:30am

  • Thursday; 24-Jan @ 6:30pm

  • Wednesday; 30-Jan @ 8pm

  • Friday; 9-Feb @ 7pm

Passage to Pole Options:

San Francisco

  • Wednesdays; 23-Jan to 20-Feb @ 8:15pm

  • Tuesdays; 29-Jan to 26-Feb @ 6:30pm

  • Fridays; 1-Feb to 1-Mar @ 5:45pm

  • Tuesdays; 12-Feb to 12-Mar @ 5pm

  • Mondays; 18-Feb to 18-Mar @ 6:30pm


  • Mondays; 14-Jan to 11-Feb @ 6pm

  • Wednesdays; 30-Jan to 27-Feb @ 10am

  • Tuesdays; 5-Feb to 5-Mar @ 7:30pm

  • Saturdays; 9-Feb to 9-Mar @ 9:15am

 ** pole parties for every occasion **

Current Mini Series…

Russian Flow (Sun,13-Jan)| Rockin’ Pole (Sat, 9-Feb) |

Freestyle Flow (Sat, 2-Mar)

specialty workshop alert!

Saturday | 9-Feb | 4pm - 6pm | More Info Here!



  • to be inspirational and motivational to each student so that she may discover her unique beauty through the art of pole dancing.

  • allow each woman to grow and get fit in a non-competitive, supportive environment.
  • create a safe, encouraging space for all women to gain confidence and feel stunning, regardless of shape and size.
  • help each woman to be truly amazing in their dance and allow them to be comfortable in their own skin & mind.

Strong & Sexy...



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"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

— Unknown

Create Magic

step one...


Free your mind.  Be powerful, be mysterious.  Be risqué, be feminine!

life is short...

dance your heart out!