Specialty Workshops

Pole Reflection

Been curious to see what your dance looks like? Maybe you want to show your friends and family how you've achieved that killer body? Are you thinking you might want to compete some day? Well then this workshop is for you! Videotaping...sound scary?! Don't worry, seeing yourself on video is a great way for growth and improvement. Understand your angles and embracing how your body moves on the pole. And we give you opportunities to relax into your dance so you capture the most natural reflection of who you are as a dancer.

Who is this class designed for?

-Open to all women with some pole dance experience.

Specialty Workshops
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Russian Exotic!

Wednesday | 14-Aug| 6:15pm - 8:15pm

Throw on the heels, turn up the sexy sounds and channel that strong seductress waiting to escape! In this workshop you will learn a routine filled with intermediate & advanced moves associated with the Russian Exotic side of pole! Legs...for...days...!! 

Who is this class designed for?

-All women who have completed Pre-Requisite: Pole Elevation L3 and Pole Connection L2 wanting to work on the Russian Exotic style of pole dancing.

Body Talk (Story Telling thru Pole)

Friday | 6-Sep | 7:45pm - 9:45pm

Have you been looking to tell a story? Having trouble translating or conveying emotion? Or just want to connect to music? Come on a journey to explore dance through capturing emotion and musicality!

Who is this class designed for?

-Any woman who wants to move their dance forward thru an exercise focused workshop with a body-mind connecting experience.  Open to all women who have previously completed the Passage to Pole or have some pole experience.

Magic Mike (Girls Do It Better)

Sunday | 8-Sep | 11:30am - 1:30p

Turn up the sexy appeal when we channel the choreo inspired by the Magic Mike movie!! 

 Who is this class designed for?

-All women with some pole dance experience who want to learn a routine based dance to a theme and/or specific song.

*You will receive an email stating confirmation for the waiting list if the maximum limit has already been reached*

**Workshops have a 7 Day Rescheduling Policy -  No Exceptions**

*Late Cancellations incur a single price workshop charge*