Entangle & Sway Studio Rental Policy / Etiquette


Specification of use of space must be pre-arranged with management prior to renting. Any use of any sound system must first be cleared by management.

Main Studio: 6 – 45mm – 11ft Static/Spinning Poles
Current Rates:
*Studio Hours are 7am – 10pm.  Please contact for availability.
Monday – Friday (7am-5pm) Studio Rental Fee
·        $35 /hr for 1 Person
·        $25 /hr Per Person for 2 People
·        $20 /hr Per Person for 3-6 People
Monday – Friday (5pm-10pm) & Saturday – Sunday (7am-10pm) Studio Rental Fee
·        $40 /hr for 1 Person
·        $30 /hr Per Person for 2 People
·        $25 /hr Per Person for 3-6 People

Studio B: 2 – 45mm – 10ft Static/Spinning Poles
Current Rates:
*Normally we only rent Studio B during class hours.  Please contact for availability.
Monday - Sunday (7am-10pm) Studio Rental Fee
·        $25 /hr for 1 Person
·        $17.50 /hr Per Person for 2 People
·        $15 /hr Per Person for 3-4 People

Studio C: 3 – 45mm – 11ft Static/Spinning Poles
Current Rates:
*Normally we only rent Studio C during class hours.  No heels in studio C.  Please contact for availability.
Monday - Sunday (7am-10pm) Studio Rental Fee
·        $35 /hr for 1 Person
·        $25 /hr Per Person for 2 People
·        $20 /hr Per Person for 3-6 People

We only rent by the hour, but you are free to rent as many hours as you need depending on availability. We do not do half hour rentals.
*Payments are due at least 24 hours prior to rental
Space rentals are for personal use only, not for profit purposes: only practice, rehearsals, photo etc.

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Studio rentals can be used for the following:
·        Competition & Routine Practice
·        Photo/Video Sessions
·        Dance Play/Practice
·        Girl Time
·        Clothing Swap Meets
·        Massage
·        Stretching & Flexibility Training
·        Interested in using the space for something else?  Just ask!
*There will be ZERO instructing during studio rentals.  Please do not attempt to instruct anyone with current or new movements. E&S certifies all its instructors, so if you would like to learn new tricks/techniques please sign-up for a class or a private session.  Our instructors are trained & certified professionals in their form of dance/fitness and it is important for everyone’s safety that this rule is respected.  If you are seen/heard instructing another student, you will be asked to stop or to leave the studio without a refund.
*We do not rent the studio out for student to dance for their “partners”.  We are happy to suggest some great options for in-home poles for you to show of your moves in a safe environment.
*Management reserves the right to remove anyone who violates these terms and terminate the use of the facility.
**As always, you must have an instructor, NOT ANOTHER STUDENT show you new pole dance technique and be present while you are first attempting any new tricks at Entangle & Sway.  Pole technique at Entangle & Sway is instructed in a very specific and regimented order so that proper technique and pole dance safety will be followed.  Do not make another student uncomfortable by asking them to instruct you; you will be asked to leave.

*Absolutely ZERO grip aids that leave residue on the poles. This includes iTAC, anything with a waxy substance,  Cramers, all spray adhessives, etc.  Acceptable options to put on your body (not on the pole) are Dryhands, Eco Balls, Tite Grip, liquid Grip, Dew Point.  Clean all pole off with provided towels and alcohol after use.
*Our pole equipment has a weight maximum of 225 pounds, set by the manufacturer.  For safety reasons, we ask that you please not participate if you are over this weight limit.  The poles can also take up to only a certain amount of torque or force –  we reserve the right to address this issue,  by asking you to  use less force as you are spinning, or remove you from the studio.  Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this policy.
*Everyone MUST sign a studio waiver fully before using the studio space.
*Remove all jewelry before using the pole…especially rings and bracelets as they scratch the pole.
*No food or drink is allowed on the dance floor.
*Renter will be held accountable for any damages.
*Renter agrees not to tie back any curtains, or to adjust any furniture in the studio.
*Stuff happens. If you accidentally break equipment, smash a mirror, put a hole in the wall, or forget to lock up, please be honest with us and we will reach a fair agreement. PLEASE do not keep it to yourselves and make us suspicious of everyone. You may be asked to repair or pay for repairs.
*No SHOUTING/SHRIEKING and NO live music or overly loud music for your rehearsal unless previously cleared with management. Walls are not soundproofed.
*No street shoes, tap shoes, roller skates, or any props that will scratch the floor.
*Renters are not permitted to bring additional sound reinforcement beyond what is provided
*Your safety and the security of the studios is of the utmost importance to us. Always lock yourselves into the studios if there is no one sitting at the desk during your rental.
*If something is wrong (i.e., the heat isn’t working, can’t locate something or there’s a similar problem) and there is no staff in the studio, please contact Nikki via text at her cell #. (This is a personal number, respect that and don’t use it for anything else)
*Show respect for the bathrooms, hallways, studio floor and other people by keeping them clean, keeping your noise within the studio’s walls, and not leaving personal items behind. (They will be discarded.)
*No candles, incense, or open flames of any kind.
*Do not leave your garbage in the studios, lobby, or restrooms. If you finish a roll of TP, please put on a new roll.
*E&S reserves the right to enter the studio (to retrieve equipment, etc.) during any rental period, with respect of course.
*E&S will not be held accountable for lost or stolen articles, or for personal injury incurred on the premises.
Our policies are NOT NEGOTIABLE. They exist only to protect the livelihood of the studio, so we can afford to continue allowing studio rentals.

If you are interested in renting the space for a non-pole related classes, please contact the studio with detail and special rates.

*24 hour cancellation policy when booking a private space rental, you will not be refunded your money with less than 24 hours cancellation.