Hi Sally!

Thanks for choosing Entangle & Sway to host a Birthday pole party!  You all are sure to have a fabulous time!!  

If you think of any music you would like to have in the party playlist just shoot us over the names and we are happy to add them.  If not, no worries, we have some great playlists your party will be sure to love!

Birthday Girl: Betty

Host: Sally

Total Attendees (can be an estimate): 4-11

Package: 1.5hr Standard Sway Bachelorette Pole Party Package:  (4-11 women: $330) or  (12-18 women: $430)
Date and Time: Sun., Oct., 6th 2019 @ 6pm

What you’re getting:

  • A fun, sexy warm-up to prepare you to dance, dance, dance!

  • Learn a sexy walk and some exciting moves.

  • A pole routine specially choreographed just for your party!

  • A fun playlist, decorations and lighting!

  • Lots of time to play on the poles and take fun pictures!

  • If you have a theme we are happy to incorporate it into the pole party!

Sway Pole Party: Standard
from 130.00
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Some Additional Notes:
*Entangle & Sway is an 18 and older establishment.
*E&S does work with Photographers that can be on-sight taking pictures of your experience the whole time.  If you are interested, contact the studio for rates and options.

*We allow pictures during your party at anytime, but ask that no direct photos or videos be taken of your pole party instructor.
*We do not sell alcohol or distribute it at Entangle & Sway, but you are more then welcome to bring in a bottle of bubbly for a toast at the end of your party!  We have party glasses at the studio for use.  (We do ask that there is no consuming of alcohol before or during the party.  We are spinning around pole and we don’t want anyone getting sick!)
* We ask that you don’t wear any lotions the day of your class.  It will cause you to slide off the poles, and it often leaves the pole slippery for others that will use it after.
*Please avoid wearing jewelry to your party.  Watches, rings and bracelets will scratch the pole and earrings and necklaces may get caught. 
*We don’t allow street shoes in the dance space.  There are plenty of places for you to store your shoes and belongings. 
*Nervous?!  Many women are nervous their first time coming to the studio, but we can assure you that there is nothing to be nervous for.  You will have so much fun, so be prepared to let your hair down!
*Please contact the studio at least 7 days prior to the date of your party if you need to reschedule the date and time of your party.
*We require the final payment be made at least 7 days prior to the time of your party.
Some Frequently Asked Questions:
What should I wear to the pole party!?
-         Many choose a comfy top and yoga pants/shorts, but really anything you feel comfortable moving in will be perfect!   
-         During the warm-up you will be barefoot but you can bring in sexy heels to wear during the dance.  We request that you do not wear heels that have been worn outside if you choose to dance in heels.  

Do I need to tip my pole party leader?
-         Tip is at your discretion (they are appreciated but never expected).

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?
-         We provide the mats for the warm up, but you are more then welcome to bring in your own mat if you choose.
  Do I need to be in shape to come to a pole party?
-         No, the best part about pole dancing is all types of women can do it. 
Are there any windows?  Will people be able to see into the studio while our party is happening?
-         There are no windows, no one can see in!  Even though this is a fantastic form of fitness, it can still be intimate at times and we want everyone to feel extra comfortable.  The space is strategically lit as well, so no one has to worry about how they look! 
Should I bring my own music?
-         We encourage you to bring in music that suits your theme if you choose!  We can play all mp3 players at the studio. 
What kinds of women take pole dancing?
-         All types!!  We get all different women of size, shape and age, as well as every profession you can think of.   From artists, lawyers, mothers, students and so many others.  Everyone was born to pole dance! 
Do you have an age requirement to take classes or come to pole parties?
-         We welcome all 18 and older. 
Do you allow men to take classes at the studio?
-         Currently we are an all female studio, but do allow men in parties!  As long as everyone participates (no watching)

Feel free to contact the Studio at any time with additional questions!  Looking forward to your fabulous party!!