Rhiannan Nichole Workshops

Pole Pro: Rhiannan Nichole at Entangle & Sway!

San Francisco, Ca | Sunday, Sept. 15th


** Buy 2 Workshops & Save $10!! **

Workshop #1

Aerial Transition Flow


Sunday | Sept. 15th | 1:30pm - 3pm
[Intermediate - Advanced]

In this workshop we'll be working on sequences that carry us up and down the pole without using climbs. Ascending and descending trick sequences are part of Rhiannan's signature competition choreography style. You'll learn how to transition through different gripping points on your body to allow for seamless upright and inverted maneuvers. But this isn’t just about the tricks. The transitions between the tricks are always more important! In this workshop, Rhiannan will be spending a lot of time on teaching how to fully extend and finish your movements, taking up as much space as possible, and dancing through your transitions to hypnotize your audience and captivate your judges.

To best benefit from this workshop, students need to be comfortable with aerial inverts and be able to string together at least 3 movements while up on the pole.

$60 Per Person


Workshop #2

Make It Rain


Sunday | Sept. 15th | 3:15pm - 4:45pm
[All Levels]

…Rhiannan’s curriculum for this
workshop makes nasty look nice and crass look classy…

Time to get nasty. In this workshop, Rhiannan takes her stripper experience and applies it to a teachable, usable method of pole dance that feels good to you while appealing to your viewer too. This is the epitome of floor humping, floppy ankles, ass bouncing, pole grinding, eye fucking, heel clacking, sneaky finger fun that every babe should know whether you’re working the club stage, seducing your lover, or just letting your freak flag fly during free style dances. This is nasty to the max and all about coaxing out the most erotic side of your deepest self and allowing it to take over. You’ll learn how,where, and when to touch yourself, how to include booty popping in a timely manner, and how to use eye contact to make your audience feel indebted to you. This isn’t your typical stripper style workshop.

Heels are mandatory for this one and leg warmers are very helpful. This workshop is great for students of all skill levels! It’s also helpful to wear that extra little something to really get you in the mood.

$60 Per Person

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Meet Rhiannan Nichole…

With over 15 years of pole dance experience and certifications in Yoga and Personal Training under her belt, Rhiannan Nichole is considered a pioneer of pole dancing. Starting as a stripper at 18 years old, Rhiannan took her love for the sexy side of pole dancing and opened her own studio in the hopes of teaching other women how to love and express their sexuality unapologetically. Now Rhiannan is known for staying true to the old school style of pole dancing, rooted in sex but solidified with proper technique. Her smooth and hypnotic style of perpetual-motion flow, undulating body movement, meticulous technique, and seductive isolations and stage presence transgress any definition of what pole dance should be and instead teaches how pole dance should feel to each individual student. Rhiannan’s keen eye for lines and creativity for the stage has made her a champion coach of the Premier Pole competition team - earning her choreography more than 47 medals in the last 5 years. When she’s not busy tackling the world of pole dance one pirouette at a time, she’s hanging out with her hubby, 3 daughters, and 3 fluffy fur babies.

Private Lesson Requests Available Sunday June 16th!

1 Person Private Lesson: $120 for 90 Mins | 2+ Person Private Lesson: $70/person for 90 Mins

* email entangleandsway@gmail.com for availability *

Some other info…

As always, Men, Women, Gender Neutral, & the LGBTQIA community - Students and Studio Owners from all studio’s are welcome to attend Pole Pro Workshops at Entangle & Sway! Rhiannan would love your support in the Bay Area! <3


Share, share & share some more! Please feel free to to record yourself performing instructed moves and post on social media!

Photos with Rhiannan in the 15 minutes before/after workshops/private lessons are awesome! She wants to meet you, hug you and get to know all of her students! Rhiannan totally understands that recording lessons helps students get the most from their time in workshops. But recording full workshops or lessons degrades the value of Rhiannan’s personal instruction and is therefore prohibited. Please record only small portions of workshops for personal reference. No videos or recordings of Rhiannan’s instruction may be posted online or sold.

Cancellation Policy

Absolutely no refunds. Transfers to other students are accepted… Original purchaser must email/text Entangle & Sway to confirm. This applies to confirmed Private Lesson purchases as well.

*photo credits from above can be found via Rhiannan Nicole FaceBook Account*